Citizens 4 Change

Citizens 4 Change (C4C) is a social lab that seeks to understand and resolve the complex social challenge of violence against children by using the “wisdom of the crowd” approach to protect East Africa’s children from physical, sexual and emotional violence and abuse.

Their goal is to spread protective norms in East Africa so that children grow up in safe and inclusive societies.

They aim to protect children from violence and harm by:creating community; using tech for good; decolonising research; and developing the social business.

Their work includes building crowds of citizen child protectors and developing a deploying a SMS platform that tracks, surveys and mobilises child protectors. Ultimately, they aim to build an evidence base about the beliefs and actions of child protectors, quantifying the social value they create and demonstrating what works to prevent and respond to violence against children in East Africa.

Citizens 4 Change works with civil society organisations, local governments authorities, funders, Tech for Good investors and corporate partners.