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We are interested in receiving submissions that detail how children/youth are involved in research or implementation processes, with an emphasis on projects that involved children/youth in multiple stages including design, analysis, and dissemination, as well as being participants.

We are not looking for resources, projects and organisations that detail research carried out on children/youth or delivered services intended for them. We are more interested in research delivered with or by children/youth.

We are interested in submissions from a wide geographic, temporal, and thematic spread.

If you are unsure if your submission meets this criteria, please do contact us via the submission form and we can advise.

We welcome submissions of:

  • Organisation profiles
  • Project profiles
  • Resources
    • Manuals
    • Book chapters
    • Research reports
    • Project reports
    • Journal articles
    • Theses

When submitting multiple items, please specify how they are linked.

Copyright and licensing

Please make sure the resources are open access, or you have permission for us to host them. If you would like more information on Creative Commons licenses, please visit their website:

The metadata record created by Rejuvenate  to link to the documents is licensed as Open Access under a creative commons license (CC BY 3.0).


The majority of our resources are links to documents in PDF format but we can include Word, HTML or media resources including photos and video.


We reserve the right to reject resource submissions if we decide that the content or quality is not suitable for our website. We also reserve the right to remove resources if we decide to replace them or they become outdated in the future. We will only use your information for the Living Archive and will only contact you if we have queries about your submission. We will not contact you or store your information for any other purposes. You can find our full terms and conditions here.