Children-Women in Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH) is a women-led not for profit, non-government organization (NGO), established in 1993 with an aim to ensure social justice, protection and promotion of human rights, especially the rights of children. In order to achieve this aim, it has been working in three programmatic pillars: Child Protection, Rights To Education and Family Empowerment. In the 25 years since being founded, CWISH has both established and is a member of various national and international consortiums with a focus on human rights and child protection.

To date, 170,123 Children, 158,156 Women, 313962 Parents and 798 Institutions have directly benefitted from programs run by CWISH and around 1,107,981 people from 35 districts have indirectly benefited from these programs. CWISH has established a strong network including 36 international donor agencies and 45 local partnerships and have designed and delivered 86 projects. CWISH also provides legal services and psychosocial counselling and livelihood opportunities to victims of child rights violations. Their legal services have filed 290 cases in the court and 71 perpetrators have been prosecuted to date. Additionally, as a part of the advocacy campaigns initiated by CWISH, 119 IEC materials related to child rights have been published and disseminated.