Endurance Youth Association

Endurance Youth Association (EYA) is a not-for-profit membership based Ethiopian resident charity established in 2004. EYA works with beneficiaries ages 18-35 that it defines as “Opportunity Neglected Youth” (ONY), or those young people who live in poverty, are unemployed and/or have limited access to education. EYA works towards empowering ONY in Ethiopia through a range of programming that involves subsidised vocational training, small scale business grants, and skill building workshops in a variety of fields. The organisation’s main objectives include youth development, promoting eco-economy activities, and mainstreaming gender.

EYA engages in three main programs for youth beneficiaries: The Youth Development Program This program includes two training tracks; one on Business Development and the other a subsidised Vocational Program. Training and mentorship services are offered to EYA beneficiaries by Ethiopian youth facilitators from the Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT). Both tracks include experience sharing from previous beneficiaries and local business owners to offer compelling success stories. Upon completion, beneficiaries can qualify for small scale grants to start their own business. The end result is increased capacity building and job creation in local communities.

Gender EYA created a “School Program for Girls” to support students at two elementary schools with funding for uniforms, educational materials and supplementary classes in subjects including Math, Physics, and Natural Science. This program was incredibly successful, strengthening the educational capacity of over 300 Ethiopian girls. Eco-economy The Eco-economy program focuses on promoting ecology based job skills for young Ethiopians. The program teaches urban agriculture and waste management, and raises awareness on pollution through a variety of workshops and public park projects. The program has equipped beneficiaries with crucial knowledge on the environment and strives to link beneficiaries with other stakeholders for employment opportunities.