FRIDA provides young feminist organisers with the resources they need to amplify their voices and bring attention to the social justice issues they care about. FRIDA enables the support, flexibility and networks to sustain young feminist visions. FRIDA’s team is youth-led and represents different communities, movements and countries. They all work remotely from home, co-working offices to cafes and community spaces–to drive FRIDA’s vision and mission forward. They are a mix of full-time staff and part-time consultants.

Using a participatory grant making model, FRIDA’s core grants are awarded as flexible funds and core support, which allows groups to define their own budgets and dedicate funds to where it is most needed. FRIDA’s Funding+ Model is about providing different types of support and resources to community members in addition to the core grant that they receive. This model not only contributes to the sustainability of each grantee partner in all the beautiful ways they want to, but also supports them to stay connected with broader social movements. Overall, the Funding + model aims to contribute towards larger feminist movement building in a global context.