inHive Global

inHive supports alumni network building. They aim to give young people from low-resourced communities and experiencing various forms of marginalisation access to social capital in forms of connections, relationships, and information.

inHive emerged out of the UK-based charity, Future First, which recognised the injustice of only elite schools benefiting from well-established alumni networks. They sought to put that right by supporting state schools to build them too.

Inspired by the success in the UK, a nine-country research project looked into the potential for the same concept to be applied elsewhere in the world. The project revealed significant support for the idea, but a lack of investment, prioritisation and expertise held progress back. For six years, they built expertise and experience working from New Zealand to Rwanda. They realised that their approach wasn’t just suitable for schools – but that they could apply the same network building model to a whole range of youth structures.

Now re-branded as inHive, they act as not-for-profit consultants offering insight, support, training, resource development to help young people establish strong and relatable networks around their school, organisation, or programme.

Their work has led to valuable lessons on the process of network building not only for young people, but with them and led by them. They’ve captured further learning in blogs available on their website here and here.