Kiota Womens Health and Development (KIWOHEDE)

Kiota Womens Health and Development (KIWOHEDE) is a non- government organisation which focuses on promoting reproductive health, children’s rights, development and advocacy. The organisation was founded in 1998 by health and social worker activists and got its registration in 1999. Since its inception KIWOHEDE has engaged in rights promotion, social economical and development approaches as the organising principle of its project to serve women, children, youth and the community.

KIWOHEDE’s projects thematically focus on fighting child sexual abuse, violence and exploitations, teen pregnancy, early marriages and school dropouts among girls across the country. Based in Buguruni, one of the low-income areas in Dar es Salaam, KIWOHEDE is further committed to working with poor communities in Tanzania to promote, children, youth, women’s dignity and rights. KIWOHEDEs geographical working coverage area includes: Dar es Salaam, Lindi, Dodoma, Kahama, Kishetu, Meatu, Bariadi, Mbeya(Kyela), Ruvuma, Rukwa, Mwanza and Shinyanga.