Pledge a Pad

Pledge a Pad is a youth-led organisation based at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. A group of students founded the organisation in 2010 to address the lack of menstrual products and menstrual education available in orphanages and townships in the surrounding area. Pledge a Pad aims to raise awareness concerning the menstrual cycle and other sexual and reproductive health aspects affecting women and dispel myths and misconceptions about menstruation. They hope to encourage young girls and women to see, understand, and embrace their menstrual cycle as a natural and beautiful phenomenon. They provide free menstrual hygiene products and educate women and girls about the menstrual cycle and the importance of hygiene exercised during their period. The organisation has over 40 alumni and has reached over 1000 women and girls in Pretoria and surrounding areas.

Recent collaborations include a University of Pretoria TEDex presentation and online discussion panels.

Photo credit: Three types of feminine products | Marco Verch Professional Photographer | CC BY 2.0