Sauti ya Wanawake

Sauti Ya Wanawake – Pwani (The Voice of Women), popularly known as Sauti, started as a local women’s movement in Mombasa, Kenya in 2001. Sauti aims to create a safe space for women to discuss issues that affect them and to become a forum that contributes to the fight for women and child rights. Sauti serves as a mouth piece championing women’s issues whilst also building the confidence of women to challenge oppressive systems and advocate for change. Sauti promotes grassroots women as decision makers, lobbyists and leaders and seeks to increase their participation at all levels of democratic governance. The organisation, with its head office in Mombasa, operates in the six counties of Kenya’s coastal region. Sauti is able to sustain its activities through a culture of volunteerism, networking and collaboration with partners and stakeholders.