War Child

War Child was founded in 1993 by filmmakers David Wilson and Bill Leeson and uses music, and high-profile pop stars, to help publicise the plight of children caught up in war. War Child works in four main areas: protection, education, livelihoods and advocacy. In child protection, they work with children, families, communities, legal services and local authorities before, during and after armed conflicts to develop more child-focused attitudes and strengthen child protection systems.

War Child’s ‘Education in Emergencies’ programmes make sure children have access to quality and relevant education, either formal or non-formal learning, whatever their circumstances. To support youth in building a better future, War Child promotes livelihoods programmes in Iraq and Uganda. These programmes include technical and vocational courses and business skills and apprenticeship schemes. They also provide small grants and access to credit to enable them to start their own business or access locally available employment opportunities. War Child engages young people in decision-making, supports them to become their own advocates and ensures their voices are heard. They help train them to become great spokespeople, so they can share their experiences more widely, and get more people to take action.