Glencorse, Blair

Blair Glencorse’s work is characterised by three realisations: first, that relationships between people in power and citizens needs to be based around accountability; second, that young people need to be involved because it is about generational change over long periods of time; and third, that young people need to be engage where they are. When these characteristics come together, work is often more energetic and creative, employing unusual suspects, such as musicians, filmmakers and artists. Blair Glencorse is the Founder and Executive Director of Accountability Lab and is a seasoned international development professional and social entrepreneur, with significant experience across issues of governance, accountability, institutional reform and political-economy transitions. He’s worked around the world with governments, the private sector, philanthropists and civil society to improve lives. Since 2019, he has been on The World Bank’s Expert Advisory Council on Citizen Engagement and has been an Expert and Advisory Committee Member of World Economic Forum since 2017. Other endeavours include co-founding TEDxBamako and TEDxMonrovia, as well as iCampus Liberia, the first shared innovation, co-working and community space for organizations focusing on the intersection of technology, accountability and social change in Liberia.