Networks for Change and Well-being: Girl-led ‘From the Ground Up’ Policy Making to Address Sexual Violence in Canada and South Africa

The Networks for Change and Wellbeing project draws on methods and approaches to learning ‘from the ground up’ (digital story-telling, participatory video, cellphilms, drawing and mapping, along with social media) with girls and young women in South Africa and Canada.

There are eight field sites across South Africa and Canada, led by project partners, co-investigators and local collaborators. Each site is focused on youth-led media making, community-based research, participatory action research, research as intervention, and research as social change. Some activities include organising marches, leading community discussion forums, and multimedia storytelling, among others.

A key focus of the Networks for Change and Wellbeing project is to undertake regular dialogues and symposiums for all involved in the project, especially students. Networks for Change is also producing a range of documents to capture and disseminate knowledge produced from the partnership work being undertaken. These include articles, briefing papers, toolkits, book chapters and books.