Planet Divoc-91

This project encourages the use of creative methodologies that are steered by young people themselves while bridging global and intergenerational divides through storytelling and creativity. 

PLANET DIVOC-91 is a nine-part allegorical webcomic, which follows Sanda and Champo Oung who have been zapped to another planet along with all young adults between the age of 16-25. The story is interspersed with short articles, links to videos, and other pieces of art by young adults from India, South Africa, and the UK, exploring issues related to COVID-19.

Each chapter features the work of a different creative team of comics pros and newcomers including Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead); Hannah Berry (Livestock), Karrie Fransman (Gender Swapped Fairytales), Bobby Joseph (Skank), with covers from iconic artists including Elsa Charretier, Matt Kindt, David Rubins, and Alitha Martinez.