Prevention of Risky Movement of Children in the Northern Ethiopia Corridor

Millions of children in Ethiopia are on the move or at risk of getting involved in risky movement. Running away from home, searching for a better chance of life elsewhere, children on the move are extremely vulnerable to exploitation, coercion, deception, and violence. As a result of their vulnerability, the discrimination they experience and their status as new arrivals, children who move face barriers when trying to access basic services, particularly education and healthcare.

To address and prevent this increasingly common issue, CHADET started the project entitled ‘Prevention of risky movement of children in the northern Ethiopia corridor’ in 2015. The Northern Ethiopia corridor is one of the main migration routes in Ethiopia.  The project aims to prevent children from risky movement by providing direct access to services and through the enhancement of community awareness. The main strategies to prevent the risky movement of children are:

•    Close cooperation with the media and community dialogue
•    Building and strengthening the capacity of child protection clubs in schools and youth associations
•    Enhancing the existing local structures
•    The support of juniors, adolescents and youth involved in risky movement through reunification, economic strengthening schemes and the provision of basic services
•    Establishing linkages with major government stakeholders and the transport sector

The project is implemented in eight major towns and cities along the northern Ethiopian corridor stretching from the Debrebirhan in North Shoa to the town of Kobbo, located in Northern Ethiopia some 750 kilometers from Addis Ababa. The towns that are covered by CHADET’s project include the towns of Kombolcha and Kemisie.