Amplifying Children’s Voices on Climate Change: The Role of Participatory Video 

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time with the greatest impacts being felt by poor and marginalised people living in developing countries, and particularly children. Yet children’s concerns are rarely heard in policies and programmes for climate change adaptation. The motivation to amplify children’s voices around their adaptation needs formed the basis for a participatory video action research project in Nepal, 2008. The project explored if the process of filmmaking – rather than traditional approaches such as workshops or lectures – could better help children understand climate change impacts, identify coping strategies, prioritise their adaptation needs, and advocate for change. The digital nature of video communications makes the concerns of children accessible across distances for stronger participation and influence in local, district, national, and international policy and planning decisions. The project showed that participatory video can be an appropriate and viable tool to support children in their efforts to adapt to climate change.