COVID-19 Discussion Paper: Youth & the COVID-19 Crisis in Conflict-Affected Contexts

For almost a decade, Search for Common Ground (Search) has co-led the global coalition on Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) to increase young people’s role as collaborative political and peacebuilding actors. With the support of over 11,000 young people, Search co-led advocacy that led to the landmark UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on YPS (UNSCR 2250) in 2015. In West Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Search has also played a significant role in mobilizing young leaders who helped contain and respond to Ebola virus outbreaks by bridging the trust gap between government and local communities. Drawing from this expertise, this paper highlights the current and potential roles of youth during the pandemic, and provides recommendations on amplifying the positive contributions of youth in mitigating and recovering from the crisis.