Degrees of Participation: A Spherical Model the Possibilities for Girls in Kabul, Afghanistan

This is chapter 2.1 in the book Stepping Forward which addresses whether and how to involve girls in programmes for which their participation may be dangerous for them or their families. The chapter discusses the use of new participatory methods and suggests that girl’s participation in this setting can be better conceptualised using a spherical model.

Stepping Forward presents the key issues and challenges involved in facilitating children and young people’s participation. The contributors to this book come from a range of backgrounds including NGOs in development, children’s agencies, academic institutions and governments, bringing a multi-disciplinary approach to children’s participation. The main issues discussed and analysed include: the ethical dilemmas that face professionals in addressing children’s participation; the process and methods used in participatory research and planning with children; the inter-relationship between culture and children’s participation; considerations for institutions, and the key qualities of a participation programme for children and young people’s participation. Essential reading for professionals, agencies and institutions working with and for children, and in development, as well as professionals involved in participatory approaches. This title is part of the Participation in Development series.