Empowering Young People and Strengthening Resilience: Youth-centred Participatory Video as a Tool for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction

Dialogue and knowledge sharing are often constrained between those who face risks and those who control policy. Young people, who are frequently the most marginalised group, face significant hurdles to get their voices heard and valued. In these circumstances, participatory video (PV) is an effective way to include and reach powerless people and produce more equitable outcomes (Kindon 2003). Youth-centred PV approaches put one of the most marginalised groups at the centre of the advocacy process. This research seeks firstly to validate if participation of children and young people in disaster risk reduction (DRR) helps vulnerable communities reduce their disaster risks and secondly to examine the efficacy of PV as a means for engaging and empowering young people in the policy-making realm.