Joint declaration of the movements of children and adolescent workers in the light of ILO’s 5th Global conference on Child Labour

The Joint Declaration of the movements of children and adolescent workers was put together by the working children and adolescents of Latin America, Africa and Asia to assert their rights, express their demands and champion their aspirations.

As representatives of their movements, (MOLACNATS – Latin America, AMWCY/MAEJT- Africa, Children: Ambassadors of Change (CAOC) – Asia), they discussed their problems in great detail and have worked to publish a joint statement that attempts to highlight the rights of children and working teenagers from around the world. They shared this statement, internationally, on the occasion of Child Labour Day on April 30, the day to defend their rights, and “Workers’ Day” on May 1, 2022 and in light of ILO’s 5th Global Conference on Child Labour. Their declaration is addressed to the international organizations that influence, make and enforce policies, to the national governments of their countries and to all the authorities and duty bearers responsible for legislating their rights.