Meeting the Rights of Children affected by Armed Conflict

Innovation involves the development and implementation of new ideas, methods, products and approaches to promote positive change. Whilst innovation is often side lined in humanitarian settings due to the prioritisation of meeting basic needs, it is mandated in the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) to which War Child adheres, and is supported by the international community through Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which lead to the development of more effective and cost-efficient models of assistance to children in need. Presenting three case studies, this report describes War Child’s experimentation with innovative approaches in its work with children affected by conflict: (1) reaching children in conflict with the law in Afghanistan, (2) the Can’t Wait to Learn (CWtL) education in emergencies (EiE) programme, and (3) the VoiceMore child advocacy programme. These case studies reveal that War Child is bringing innovation to humanitarian settings through technology, research, advocacy, partnership frameworks and child participation.