Voice for Change: Urban Poor Children Redefining Safe Spaces

As part of various initiatives to influence Post‐2015 development agenda, Praxis – Institute for Participatory Practices – has produced a “Voice For Change” series that attempts to enhance the participation of vulnerable communities to analyse, dialogue and voice their perspectives on development goals. Praxis acknowledges that participation is not a technical or a mechanical process that can be realised through the application of a set of static and universal tools and techniques, but rather a political process that requires challenging the existing power structure. It sees communities not as objects but as agents of change.

This fourth issue of the Voice for Change series is focused on children and their understanding of safe spaces, and their aspirations for each of those spaces such as water, sanitation, housing, open spaces, power and road and transport. It is the result of a series of engagements with these groups and attempts to amplify voices of these communities on issues underlying these questions.